Air Quality

Indoor air quality alludes to air quality inside the structures we live, work or invest any energy in and it is known to influence our wellbeing, solace and prosperity. 

Home Air Treatment

At Aire One Peel Brampton, we have various air purifiers and humidifiers that could assist with working on the nature of the air in your home. A Home Comfort Advisor can layout every one of the alternatives for you and assist you with picking the air cleansing framework that suits your requirements and financial plan. Our Indoor Air Quality Systems can work with your current heater or might be packaged with another warming and cooling framework.

  • Indoor Air Quality Cleaning System Installations
  • Air Filters and Purifiers
  • Eliminate airborne pollutants from the home’s air supply

Vent or Air Duct Cleaning

The ventilation work in your home snakes its direction around each room, keeping you and your friends and family agreeable all year. Notwithstanding, after some time, this space becomes grimy and possibly pushes soil, smells, mold, indoor air microbes, and other unfortunate things into each room of your home. Luckily, Aire One Peel Brampton offers proficient ventilation work cleaning to keep this from occurring and to assist your family with relaxing!

  • Full Duct Inspection and Air Duct Cleaning — not a few “blow and go” activity
  • Complete Duct Sealing to stop exorbitant spillage
  • Evacuation of up to 95% of dust and garbage
  • Inhale safe n’ unadulterated air

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